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Short Sale Real Estate Negotiation

Few things are more intimidating to a homeowner than foreclosure. Foreclosure can impact a homeowner’s credit for up to seven years, and in cases where a foreclosure results in bankruptcy the effects can be felt for almost a decade. With a short sale being the only viable solution for many homeowners facing foreclosure, it is perhaps no wonder that experienced short sale real estate negotiation services are in increasing demand today.

What is included in your short sale negotiation service through our company, Short Sale Negotiators? While the specific answer to this question depends greatly on each individual case, you can always rely on us for assistance with lender communication, diligence with paperwork as well as all dealings with the buyer and buyer’s agent.

Short Sale Real Estate Negotiation Process

As your short sale negotiation company, we will forward your complete short sale package to the lender, confirm receipt and then ask that a negotiator be assigned and an appraisal completed. Once a negotiator has been assigned, the reviewing process will begin. If the offer is considered to be in good order, it is passed from the negotiator to the owner of the mortgage where an approval can take up to an additional 30 days to achieve. Finally if the offer is approved, both parties then may only have 30 days or less to close. It is indeed an intense process, which is why a professional and experienced short sale partner is a smart idea.

Are you ready to discuss your options with a specialized team? is the biggest short sale company in the nation – contact them today to launch your short sale real estate negotiation process.

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