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Short Sale Negotiating

The short sale has become the most popular way for distressed homeowners to avoid foreclosure, but it is no guarantee. Ultimately, it is up to the bank or lender to decide if selling the home for less than the mortgage balance is indeed the most economic way for them. Short sale negotiating is not just about mediating the sale for the owner and buyers, but also fulfilling the requirements set forth by the lender.

Short sale negotiations with the lender can take up to 30 days before they decide whether they will approve the sale. Part of the process requires constant checking up with the bank, making sure that all of the paperwork they need has been filled out properly and submitted and to build a professional relationship that instills confidence that the sale will indeed be completed by both the buyer and seller in a way that is beneficial to the lender.

Advice on Short Sale Negotiating

Going in blind will guarantee that your real estate short sale negotiation will fail. Whether you choose a professional short sale expert or decide to go on your own, you must learn about every aspect of the short sale and be prepared. Short sale negotiating demands more than a traditional home sale – from research to paperwork, managing expectations of the buyer and watching out for tiny details that can be missed, there are many more steps that must be completed. Working with a short sale negotiation company can be beneficial after all.

For more short sale negotiating tactics and to start working with an expert, contact Short Sale Negotiations today.

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